Don’t settle for an open mind when we can have Truth

And the difference between us was very deep, because it was a difference as to the object of the whole thing called broad-mindedness or the opening of the intellect. For my friend said that he opened his intellect as the sun opens the fans of a palm tree, opening for opening’s sake, opening infinitely for ever. But I said that I opened my intellect as I opened my mouth, in order to shut it again on something solid. I was doing it at the moment. And as I truly pointed out, it would look uncommonly silly if I went on opening my mouth infinitely, for ever and ever.

–G.K. Chesterton, “The Extraordinary Cabman


3 thoughts on “Don’t settle for an open mind when we can have Truth

  1. I so wholeheartedly agree. I mouth off about so many things and I am sure many people do not like or agree with what I say but all I will say about what I write about is is that it is the truth that I find in terms of facts and in terms of what I believe to be true. I have a zero tolerance attitude towards bullsh*t and if people don’t like it I can only say don’t read any more of my stuff. But if you want reality and facts and someone who won’t lie to you? I agree with this blogger, don’t just be open minded want the truth.


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