This is my 3rd attempt at a blog

Hello! 🙂

This is what’s going on: I wanted a fresh space to go with a fresh start to the rest of my life journey. This time, I’m not starting a new blog (just) because I am mortified at the realization that each of my pasts posts bleeds immaturity. Not that I claim to have attained Maturity with a capital M, though, because there’s still so, so much that I’m going to be wrong about, and potentially ashamed of all over again.

But I’ve been broken down to bones, completely dismantled, burned to ashes, and reached that point where I felt like the only way out was inexistence. And then something (actually, Someone) tells me, in a way I cannot doubt, that this is the beginning of a brand new chapter. A chapter that will conclude in a way I would have never imagined. And I need to document it all. Kind of what “Under Reconstruction” is referencing, but more details in future posts!

You’re welcome to journey with me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “This is my 3rd attempt at a blog

  1. I think I’ve lost count of the blogs I’ve started and abandoned… some were public, some private, some were about depression, some were about crafty things… I think I’ve found one I can stick with, I hope so anyway!


    1. Hi, Zoe! Thanks for following my blog. And well, you’ve got a great one going right now, of which I am a proud follower! Looking forward to your posts. Seems like we care about a lot of the same things. 🙂


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